Transforming ports and ferries with self-service solutions

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Gordion makes life easier for the maritime industry. By automating processes traditionally handled manually, these innovations are not just improving efficiency but also enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

Efficiency gains

Self-service solutions enable faster check-ins, reducing the time ships in port and accelerating the board process on ferries. By automating these systems, they can manage higher volume of passengers and goods more efficiently.

This streamlining minimises processing times and boosts the overall efficiency of maritime operations, leading to quicker turnarounds and increased throughput, which is essential for maintaining competitiveness in busy ports and ferry terminals.

Improved flow

With self-service solutions, the movement of passengers and cargo becomes smoother and more coordinated. These systems can manage large crowds and track cargo with greater accuracy, minimising delays and preventing bottlenecks. Passengers experience less waiting and faster service, which is crucial during peak travel seasons.

Enhanced customer experience

Self-service solutions offer a streamlined and hassle-free experience for travellers, enabling them to manage bookings and check-ins. This contributes to a more pleasant and controlled travel environment.

In the maritime industry, enhancing customer experience with self-service solutions is crucial as it simplifies the entire travel process. These solutions reduce stress and waiting times, which leads to a more efficient and enjoyable journey. This level of service is particularly valuable in creating a positive and lasting impression on travellers.


By reducing the need for manual labour and optimizing operational flow, self-service solutions lower operational costs. This economic benefit allows ports and ferry operators to reallocate resources more strategically, potentially investing in better service quality and infrastructure improvements. 

The savings and operational gains from self-service solutions make them not only a practical choice but also a financial investment, supporting more sustainable and scalable business operations.  

Scalability and flexibility

As the needs of ports and ferries grow, self-service solutions can easily be scaled and adapted. This flexibility ensures that the maritime sector can efficiently handle future increases in passenger numbers and cargo volume without the need for extensive physical expansions. 

This adaptability ensures that the infrastructure can accommodate future increases, maintaining operational efficiency, and service quality as demands evolve.  

This capability is particularly valuable for managing seasonal fluctuations and long-term growth without significant additional investment in physical infrastructure.  

Ensure customer satisfaction in the maritime world with self-service solutions

The integration of self-service solutions in the maritime sector signifies a pivotal shift towards greater operational efficiency and enhanced customer service. These systems streamline passenger and cargo handling processes. They also offer significant advantages in cost-effectiveness, scalability and flexibility. 

As ports and ferry services continue to evolve, leveraging these solutions will be crucial in adapting to increased demands and maintaining competitiveness in a rapidly changing industry landscape.  

This evolution demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the maritime world.  

Discover how our self-service solutions can streamline your process and enhance customer satisfaction.

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