Self-service for every need

Gordion delivers kiosks of the highest quality that creates added value and increased customer benefits to several different industries.
The kiosks are built to withstand arctic winters and the heat of the desert, but our kiosks can also be used indoors.

Choose a secure investment

Choose software and hardware

Choose design

Security and support

Not just a product, an experience

Designed and built to deliver in the toughest climates we deliver more than a product, but an experience. And, a secure investment for you.

With multiple options we believe that we got products for every need. Because it is all about creating a feeling of security, reliability and innovation, to make a simpler life for everyone.

Our industries

Car Handling

Our innovative kiosks simplify key handling and drop-offs for you and your customers.


Make parking effortless and convenient for your customers with our user-friendly kiosks.

Port & Ferry

Enhance efficiency with our self-service solutions for ferry and port operations.


Enable patients to check in and pay for their visit with our self-service kiosks.

Gift Card

Boost shopping experiences while increasing sales and loyalty.

Solutions for every need


Streamline your payment collection with a self-service payment kiosk.

Key Handling

Offer a 24/7 accessibility with self-served key handling kiosks.


Let your customers manage their own check-in.

Gift Card

Enhance your customers shopping experience through gift card services/kiosks.

About Gordion

Gordion, an innovative company with strong roots in Sweden, has been a global pioneer in self-service solutions, key management and car rental systems since 1990.

With over thirty years of experience and more than 8.000 delivered kiosks, we have successfully revolutionised the industry and established ourselves as a trusted partner for companies worldwide.

In short, Gordion stands for reliability, innovation and quality – values that have permeated our business since its inception in 1990 and will continue to guide us into the future.

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