Boost sales and shopping experiences with gift card solutions

Enhance your customers shopping experience through gift card services. With a gift card kiosk and web shop, we offer you the opportunity to transform the way you manage your shopping centre or store.

Why choose a gift card solution?

Customer experience 

Elevate the shopping experience with convenience and versatility.

Increase sales 

Boost sales, increase your revenue and build brand loyalty.


Let your customers buy gift cards at their preferred time and place.

Let’s spark a revolution together

Revolutionise your shopping centre and store management with a gift card solution from Gordion. Our approach goes beyond mere sales boosts; it’s about transforming customer experiences and building a stronger brand.

Explore the advantages of our gift card solutions, such as cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and management, and fostering customer loyalty.  

With statistics showing that 40% of customers spend more than the card’s value, you can count on increased profitability.

We offer gift cards through both in-store kiosks and online shops, providing flexibility to tailor the solution to your specific need.  

Our industries

Car Handling

Our innovative kiosks simplify key handling and drop-offs for you and your customers.


Make parking effortless and convenient for your customers with our user-friendly kiosks.

Port & Ferry

Enhance efficiency with our self-service solutions for ferry and port operations.


Enable patients to check in and pay for their visit with our self-service kiosks.

Gift Card

Boost shopping experiences while increasing sales and loyalty.

Let’s work together

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