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parking management

Advanced parking systems for indoor and outdoor use.

An effortless parking experience

Secure your payment

Certified by Pan Nordic for safe card payments. Our kiosks ensure secure transactions with leading providers like Nets and Verifone.

Tailored solution

Tailored solutions, supported by a network of hardware and software partners, provide a comprehensive approach to parking management.

Swedish quality

Built to endure all weather conditions. Our outdoor kiosks guarantee unmatched reliability in any environment.

Smoothen your parking operations

Our parking kiosk facilitate a smoother parking process and optimises the utilisation of parking spaces. The kiosks are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, whether it’s the icy chills of Scandinavia or the scorching heat of summer. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in our hardware and software offerings, making parking management smarter and more efficient.

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Gordion Modulo Outdoor Parking - OnePark
Picture of a Gordion parking kiosk

Designed for all seasons and cold temperatures down to -40 degrees

Our indoor and outdoor kiosks is built to deliver 100% in the toughest environments every day of the year, regardless of the weather. Offering durability and reliability, they ensure seamless operation in challenging conditions.

Solutions for every need


Streamline your payment collection with a self-service payment kiosk.

Key Handling

Offer a 24/7 accessibility with self-served key handling kiosks.


Let your customers manage their own check-in.

Gift Card

Enhance your customers shopping experience through gift card services/kiosks.

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