Secure your maritime operations

We specialise in delivering innovative kiosk solutions that cater to the unique demands of the maritime and shipping industry in 14 countries worldwide.

Smooth and quick self-service

Robust design

Being built to deliver our kiosks provide unmatched durability in the toughest climates.

Advanced security

Our security features ensure a secure, efficient process, and protected entry at the port.

Seamless efficiency

Simplify truck check-ins at ferry arrivals, reducing wait times and optimising logistics seamlessly.

Seamless port operations with advanced kiosk technology 

Dedicated to optimising port operations, our feature-rich kiosks efficiently manage truck transport and driver identification, facilitating smooth routing to designated boarding lanes for ships.

Equipped with an extensive array of components, including passport/driver card readers, printers, cameras, fingerprint readers, intercom systems, RFID readers, and more, our kiosks streamline various functions within the maritime domain. 

Gordion Modulo Outdoor - Ports Ferry
Gordion Modulo Outdoor Parking - Truck

Available in more than 14 countries

Gordion Modulo Outdoor Maritime

Modulo Outdoor 

Modulo Outdoor is built to endure a decade of challenging outdoor conditions, offering a versatile wall version and providing convenient digital payment options.

Solutions for every need


Streamline your payment collection with a self-service payment kiosk.

Key Handling

Offer a 24/7 accessibility with self-served key handling kiosks.


Let your customers manage their own check-in.

Gift Card

Enhance your customers shopping experience through gift card services/kiosks.

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