Modulo Outdoor

Our Modulo Outdoor kiosk is designed and built to withstand 10 years of outdoor use in tough climates. 

Why choose Modulo Outdoor?

Built for challenges

Thoughtfully built to deliver in tough climates.


Can be equipped with payment, printer, scanners, intercom and more.  

Secure payments

Certified for secured payments by Pan Nordics for Nets Payment.  

Secure your payment

The kiosk is certified for secure payments by Pan Nordic for Nets and verifone payment, and can be equipped with payment hardware including CCV, printer, scanners, intercom and more.  

We offer multiple payment options. The kiosk can of course be equipped with digital payment.   

Gordion Parking

24/7 accessibility

With its thoughtfully considered details the kiosk is accessible 24/7 regardless of the weather.  

It is used in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Germany as advanced parking machines. And available worldwide in ports for logistics with trucks. 

Effortless gate control

The built-in relay in the Modulo Outdoor kiosk controls your gate as you wish. In most ports our kiosk controls the barrier for trucks wishing to pass via a relay. This applies to both ferries and construction sites.   

Modulo Outdoor – Specifications

  • Hight: 1800 mm
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Depth: 410 mm
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Bolted to the ground – can also be elevated with a base
  • Connected: fiber, broadband, 4G,5G Starlink
  • Opening: forward left
  • Can be placed against a wall

Other specifications

  • 19″ screen
  • Card payment
  • 365 ID
  • Camera
  • Receipt printer
  • RFID
Gordion Modulo Outdoor

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Streamline your payment collection with a self-service payment kiosk.

Key Handling

Offer a 24/7 accessibility with self-served key handling kiosks.


Let your customers manage their own check-in.

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