Gordion Key Handling

Elevate your key management
with a self-service kiosk

Empower your key management with our robust solution. Our kiosk delivers unmatched security and convenience, perfect for car rentals, secured parking, and facility management.

Why choose a key handling kiosk?

24/7 accessibility

Empower your business to thrive no matter the hour.

Safe and secure

Certified solutions that gurantees safe key handling.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs, and increase customers and personnels experience with efficency.

We have never lost a single car key

Why choose Gordion? 

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities with key management and provide solutions that work.

Our commitment to innovation provides our customers with solutions that are not just current, but future ready.

At Gordion, excellence is not just a goal – it’s a promise. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that exceed expectations and set new industry standards. 

Our industries

Car Handling

Our innovative kiosks simplify key handling and drop-offs for you and your customers.


Make parking effortless and convenient for your customers with our user-friendly kiosks.

Port & Ferry

Enhance efficiency with our self-service solutions for ferry and port operations.


Enable patients to check in and pay for their visit with our self-service kiosks.

Gift Card

Boost shopping experiences while increasing sales and loyalty.

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