Gordion Modulo Outdoor 127 - Check-in

Let your customers manage their own check-in

Boost your customer experience with our intuitive check-in kiosk, perfect for general practitioners, health clinics, hotels, airports, and maritime services.

Why choose a check-in kiosk?

Free up time

Focus on what truly matters, while our kiosk manages administrative tasks.

Customer experience

Reduce customers waiting time and ensure a seamless customer journey.   

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate our kiosk with your systems for automated check-ins without operational disruptions.

Check out our check-in solutions

Enhance your customer experience with our check-in kiosk. Streamlining the process, it provides an efficient and autonomous check-in experience that significantly reduces waiting time.

By empowering customers to manage their details, our kiosk ensures accuracy and reduce errors. The the cost-effective, data-driven, and contactless design aligns with evolving business needs. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems, our kiosk saves time, operates 24/7, cuts costs and boosts productivity. – Ultimately enhancing your business`s customer journey.

Gordion Modulo 127 - Ferry

Our industries

Car Handling

Our innovative kiosks simplify key handling and drop-offs for you and your customers.


Make parking effortless and convenient for your customers with our user-friendly kiosks.

Port & Ferry

Enhance efficiency with our self-service solutions for ferry and port operations.


Enable patients to check in and pay for their visit with our self-service kiosks.

Gift Card

Boost shopping experiences while increasing sales and loyalty.

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