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The kiosk fulfills several requests

Gordion’s gift card kiosk meets City Örebro’s expectations and more.

8 years with Gordion’s gift card solution

City Örebro has been using the gift card solution from Gordion for eight years. In preparation for the Christmas sales in 2019, they switched to Gordion’s new modern kiosk – with a finer design and improved functionality, including support for the purchase of multiple gift cards in the same transaction and easier and more elegant profiling. 

“It was time to replace the kiosks as the ones we had were starting to get old. We looked at other suppliers, but decided to continue the collaboration with Gordion because it has worked brilliantly, and the kiosk meets our needs. Why change something that works well,” says marketing and gift card manager Mattias Lesnik. 

Using gift cards as a membership benefit 

City Örebro is an economic association owned by its members – including property owners, shops, hotels, and restaurants. It all started about 12 years ago with the ambition to create a more attractive city center. They succeeded in this, and in 2015, Örebro was awarded the “City Center of the Year” prize. 

“We discussed various membership benefits and concluded that gift cards were the best benefit. All members of City Örebro have the opportunity to redeem the gift card. All businesses that redeem the gift card get additional sales. In most cases, it covers the company’s annual fee that they pay to be part of the association. We would have a hard time without gift cards now,” continues Lesnik. 

A universal kiosk with modern solutions 

The new gift card kiosk from Gordion has several new and improved features. Lesnik believes that the gift card kiosk meets their expectations. 

“I think it’s sleek, more practical, and generally better. Now we can open the kiosk from the front, which has made it much easier for us to replenish the gift cards. Previously, we had to move the kiosk away from the wall to unscrew the back door – it was much more work.” 

Gordion has fulfilled several requests on the list. With the new gift card kiosk, you can make multiple purchases in the same transaction, prepared for QR codes and profiling, and campaigns on the screen. 

“Something we missed with the old kiosk was multiple purchases. Now you can buy up to ten cards in the same transaction, which is simplified for the user and less work for us. The screen also has much better resolution. I think it’s great that we can change the content as desired. We have already done it several times, and we will benefit from it at various times during the year,” says Mattias Lesnik.

Reliable service 

Gordion also offers guidance and support for the entire gift card solution. Gordion assists with kiosk profiling, design of gift cards and carriers, and a guide to increased sales. 

“The service at the support department is good. We have always had good contact with the employees working in the support department, and we know we will get help if something is not working or if we have questions. We get answers quickly,” concludes Lesnik. 

About City Örebro

  • Örebro received the award for “City Center of the Year” in 2015. 
  • City Örebro has three gift card kiosks and sells approximately 15,000 gift cards worth eight million Swedish kronor per year. 
  • Approximately 1,200 students move to Örebro every year, and they receive a 1,000 kronor gift card from the Örebro municipality. 

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