Increased efficiency and cost savings:
Hertz Sogndal Norway 

Hertz Sogndal transforms their car rental services with Gordion’s self-service kiosks, enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations, and improving the customer experience.

“We rely entirely
on the kiosk”

In 2022, Hertz Sogndal in Norway embarked on a journey to revolutionise their car rental services with the implementation of self-service kiosks from Gordion.

Fast forward to today, and these kiosks have not only enhanced cost efficiency but also streamlined their business operations.

This success story delves into how Hertz Sogndal achieved remarkable reductions in staff, significantly improved cost efficiency, and elevated customer satisfaction through the adoption of self-service kiosks from Gordion.  

Cost efficiency with solutions from Gordion 

Peter Sundberg, Station Manager at Hertz Sogndal, highlights, “What we appreciate the most must be the efficiency and our ability to serve more stations simultaneously with the same staff. The kiosks are great.”

By leveraging these self-service kiosks, Hertz Sogndal has experienced a notable reduction in operational costs. The ability to manage multiple stations with one operational and one backup staff member at Sogndal station is a testament to the kiosks’ cost-saving potential.  

Optimising workforce with self-service kiosks

“We have no staff working in the evenings and weekends, as we can rely entirely on the kiosk and the kiosk support,” Sundberg explains.

The kiosks have enabled Hertz Sogndal to operate seamlessly without additional staffing during off-peak hours. This reduction in staff requirements translates to substantial savings, estimated at approximately 1.5 full-time equivalent positions and a financial gain of around 1 million NOK per year.

The elimination of staff recruitment and training processes has also streamlined their operations, saving time and resources.  

Gordion Key Handling

Enhanced customer experience 

Sundberg further emphasises the positive impact on customer satisfaction: “The customers prefer this way of renting a car. After a quick registration and ID verification, the key is in hand within 1.5 minutes. Efficient and highly appreciated.”

Hertz Sogndal’s self-service kiosks not only cater to cost efficiency but also prioritise customer convenience and satisfaction.

Security with 365ID 

The kiosk’s integration with 365 ID for driving license checks enhances security, offering a higher level of safety than manual ID verification.

However, it’s important to clarify that while the security measures with 365ID may not directly impact the customer experience, they play a crucial role for Hertz Sogndal. These measures ensure that Hertz can prevent incidents like vehicle theft and ensure that the right person rents the car with a valid driver’s license.

This commitment to security demonstrates Hertz Sogndal’s dedication to providing its customers with a safe and reliable rental experience. 

Gordion RISE-certified - safest system on the market
Hertz self-service car rental

Availability and
sales growth 

Hertz Sogndal places a strong emphasis on accessibility and the solutions that facilitate it. Through Gordion’s self-service kiosks, they have achieved round-the-clock availability, allowing customers to rent cars at their convenience.

Furthermore, these kiosks have played a pivotal role in boosting sales, aligning perfectly with their core business values. 

Hertz Sogndal’s transformation from a traditional car rental service to an automated, cost-efficient operation is a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The self-service kiosks from Gordion have allowed them to save costs, reduce staff requirements, and enhance the overall customer experience. As Peter Sundberg sums it up, “The big difference from before is that we don’t need that much time as before. We prepare the car, put the key in the kiosk, and then we are done.”  

About Hertz Sogndal

  • Implemented self-service kiosk from Gordion in 2022  
  • Hertz Sogndal consists of 5 stations where 4 have a kiosk¬†
  • Has an average of 150 cars circulating 
  • Kiosk in use: SMK32/Smartsafe¬†

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