One of Sweden’s largest shopping centres collaborates with Gordion

The marketing manager at Väla, Ulrika Nordström, believes that one of the most important service elements of a shopping centre is the ability to offer gift card sales to its customers.

13 years of success with Gordion gift card kiosk

Since 2007, Väla in Helsingborg has found great use for the gift card kiosk from Gordion. Väla has a total of five kiosks – four indoor and one 24/7 outdoor kiosk. In November 2019, they upgraded to brand new kiosks from Gordion.

Marketing manager Ulrika Nordström talks about the transition during a generally hectic period of the year. 

“We replaced all five kiosks in the midst of the holiday shopping season. Naturally, we were a bit nervous since it is a busy period here at Väla. Maintaining a high level of service for our customers is important to us, and the transition could not have gone better. We are very pleased with that,” she says. 

“One of our service elements is being able to offer gift cards” 

Väla is one of Sweden’s most visited and liked shopping centre, with approximately 11 million visits each year. Additionally, the shopping centre has won several awards for comfort, service, and accessibility. 

“I believe one of the service elements is being able to offer gift cards. We have always had it, and it has always worked here at Väla”, Nordström says. 


Väla is among those that have won an award for their accessibility, meaning they accommodate those who need or prefer it when visiting the shopping centre. Marketing manager Nordström is very pleased with the new gift card kiosk’s universal design and user-friendliness. 

“The kiosk is straightforward, and makes the purchase a quick action. We have all types of customers, so it is important and advantageous that the kiosk is adapted to this. I also believe that our customers appreciate a smaller kiosk compared to the previous one,” Nordström continues. 

Always helpful 

As part of the solution, Gordion offer support if needed. The employees at Väla feel well taken care of when they need help. Nordström says that both she and the staff at the information desk have good contact with Gordion’s support department. 

“We work closely with the employees at Gordion, and if we need help with something, we know they are available no matter what”. She adds that Gordion’s accessibility is invaluable, especially the first few weeks after the new installation and updates. 

About Väla

  • Award-winning shopping centre (won several awards for comfort, service, and accessibility).  
  • Approximately 11 million people visit Väla every year.  
  • Sells 73.000 gift cards annually.  
  • Located in a region with several medium-sized municipalities nearby. 

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