Gift Card Web

With our gift card web solution, you get both online and physical sales of gift cards.

Why choose gift card web?


Our gift card solution is a cost-effective business operation.


Create accessibility for both customers and businesses.


Boost sales both physically and digitally.  

Increase your sales

Boost the sales of gift cards through an online store. Gift cards bring new customers you might not reach otherwise.

Customers with gift cards tend to make larger purchases, including products with higher profit margins. 

Gordion Gift Card Web - Shopping Centre

Increase visitors 

The gift cards are sent digitally to your customers, efficiently and environmentally friendly. Then the customer pick-up the gift card from the machine themselves. This increases traffic to your business.   

Build your brand 

The combination of an online store, a gift card machine and a mini kiosk contributes to customer loyalty and gift card sales. Show that you are present on all channels and offer modern solutions for the customer. 

Target a growing market 

Companies, organisations, and municipalities want simple solutions for their employees and members.

Invoicing to your customers is a cost-effective option. 

How does our gift card web solution work? 

  1. The customer purchases a gift voucher online, which is sent to the recipient. 
  1. The recipient brings their gift voucher to the shopping centre, either one their mobile device or printed on paper. 
  1. The customer goes to a machine, scans the QR code, and receives a physical gift card in the form of a card. 
  1. This card is valid at all affiliated stores. 

Solutions for every need


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Key Handling

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Let your customers manage their own check-in.

Gift Card

Enhance your customers shopping experience through gift card services/kiosks.

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