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Modulo GLT

Equipped with all the essential tools to minimise unnecessary waiting times for patients or customers and streamline administrative tasks for staff.

Why choose Modulo GLT?


Modulo GLT reduces waiting time.


Modulo 127 can be customized to your preferences.


Your patients can easily navigate.

Create convenient experiences

With our smooth and user-friendly kiosks patients can easily navigate and check-in themselves. They can confirm their arrival by entering their name or booking number.

Our kiosks are easy and convenient to use, which enhance the patient`s experience.

Simplify check-ins

The check-in process for medical appointments has become simpler and more efficient thanks to our efficient Modulo GLT kiosk. Now, patients can quickly and conveniently announce their arrival for the medical appointment through the kiosk. 

The Modulo GLT kiosk provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface where patients can easily navigate by following clear instructions on the screen. By simply entering their name or booking number, patients can easily confirm their arrival for the medical appointment and update their status in real-time. 

Smooth and efficient

The check-in process through our kiosk reduces the need for staff involvement in simple tasks. Additionally, it contributes to creating a smoother and more efficient workflow at the doctor`s office.  

We are proud to offer this innovative solution that enhances the patient’s experience and efficiency in healthcare. With our Modulo GLT kiosk, the check-in process for medical appointments becomes simple, quick and smooth for all parties involved.  

Modulo GLT – Specifications

  • Height: 905 mm
  • Width: 990 mm
  • Depth: 460 mm
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Bolted to the ground: not needed
  • Opening: forward right
  • Connection: fiber, broadband
  • Can be placed against wall: yes

Other specifications

  • 21.5″ screen
  • Card payment
  • Receipt printer
  • Camera
  • RFID
Gordion Modulo GLT

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